About Us

pinkyminky_pe_0Our story begins roughly 10 years ago, when a group of inspired teens formed a band. This is what dreams are made of, right? There came a few pleasant years of shows and then at least the same amount of years of silence. But we know silence cannot last forever. So many years later the now non-musician, non-teen guys banded together again to worhsip at the altar of a different form of art: the art of light.

Uniting all of their time and knowledge, the guys are actively looking for challenges in the fields of both analogue and digital solutions.

Everybody needs sunlight! But you spend most of your time in the nightlife… Why couldn’t there be light too, considering people need to find the light at either end of the tunnel? That’s where we enter the picture! Our philosophy: save the planet, plant more lights! We use eco-friendly projectors, which save energy, instead of using up the extra vibe in the room. We offer best quality HD for clubs and events – from meditative music to techno, trance, or just a simple club, Gonzo Visuals is the best solution!